Our capability

We are proud of a dicade long serving to the automotive industires in recruitment of the high officials since Office Fjino is established in 2005. Our experiences are reputed among the industires with plenty successful stories of executive class people recruitment and scounting. Today automotive industries are being miglated to the new trend of high technology such as Fuel Cell Vehicle, ELectric Vehicle and various type of Hybrids. And these new technical trends are overlapping to the sustainable energy technology and thus recent human resources requirements are being varied and multifunctional skills are required more and more. We believe that our previous experiences are much more helpful to meet these new requirements. However in order to enhance our capability to meet the client needs, a new partner has joined to my firm so that we are able to cover much more diversified and comprehensive requirements the clients might have today.

Being differeciated from others !

I would like to emphasize that our service is not simple matching service between an employer and  a candidate. I dare to say that we leave such business-like matching service to  the leading large firms.  A Key word for success is simply FAITHFULLNESS. That is all about . Such dedication can be done by only SOHO office like us. I believe that this philosophy is the main reason that we have been successful for years.
Namely we , first of all, carefully and thoroughly listen to the client requirements and background for you to need new recruitment and then we draw up and  suggest you  Job Description to meet your desires. We also provide you advice on nature of Japan HR market so that your final  Job Description is able to  phase up to the up-to-date Japan HR market tendency .  That could lead you success.  At the same time we always carefully listen to the candidate as well by face to face contact so that we can exactly come to know what he or she is wishing truly in changing job.
                      That must be a great help for you as well.  
      Above is our basic attitude in rendering our services that would surely satisfy you.
         I sincerely wish to  have an opportunity to serve you in near future.